There's a new way change lives without endless 1-1s and coaching calls


Without 1-1s

Without endless big groups

With total clarity

With total control

Easily creating a "line" your own home study courses that change lives


Transforming Lives Doesn't Have to be Draining 1-1:

  • You transform your experience and skills into bite-sized home study course lessons.

  • Your clients/students study at their own pace, step by step what you teach.

  • Your students master a new skill without you teaching them personally, 1-1.

 In addition to home study courses, you offer a weekly or monthly Mastermind or Coaching Call where you can personalize your clients' experience.

This is low-intensity, light teaching, followed by Q and A that's meaningful.

If you have a select group of clients you WANT to work with 1-1, you can

This course + Q and A + some 1-1 gives you the FREEDOM you got into online coaching to have, finally.

  • Are you frustrated that you aren't living the "lifestyle" life you originally dreamed of when you started your coaching or consulting business?
  • Are you tired of roller coaster income that's up one month when you sell, then down when you deliver?
  • Are you sick of giving clients "desperate discounts" just because you need to close one more sale this month?
  • If so . . . how would it feel if there were a better way . . . that you COULD help all the clients that need help, in a self-study environment that actually works, and finally live the lifestyle of your dreams, while changing lives and getting paid well


When you transfer your experiential and expert knowledge from constantly re-teaching 1-1, into home-study lessons:

  • You can help many many more clients
  • Your delivery improves because you standardize each teaching point and you aren't having to constantly scramble for new clients, instead of focusing on creating great for your current clients.
  • You take more time off, which means you are more present for your clients when you do work, which means they get better results.
  • Your confidence soars because you are helping more clients while personally making more and working less - which again, impacts your clients when they get your very best.

You really CAN change lives without constantly teaching 1-1:

I have developed a transformational home study course + coaching system that meticulously and scientifically makes it easy for you to implement, and gives your students/clients great results.


If you've been relentlessly focused on 1-1 because you don't have your skills codified:

Your reach is being limited because you are only 1 person, and it's not sustainable to coach 1-1 for the rest of your life.

Your client only gets what you can give them when you are 1-1 and hopefully 100% dialed in .. instead of the results and transformation a client will receive when your lessons are created in such a way that every client gets the same great information, no matter your emotional or energetic state..

You are very good at the work you do, the results you get for clients, and the coaching/consulting you do 1-1.

But you are simply limited by your schedule, emotional energy, time, and motivation..


Wouldn't it be better to take the time to codify your knowledge and make it into legacy training that lives past you, rather than continuing to re-teach your entire body of knowledge each time you get a new client?

     But when you codify your knowledge base into a series of easy lessons clients can study on their own time, then perhaps ask you questions on a weekly small group "office hours," 

Not only can your clients get the bulk of their transformation on their own time, but it can be a standardized experience, so each client gets consistent training.

In addition, as you codify your material into lessons, you are transforming your proprietary knowledge into a body of work that can be sold again and again, while you are on vacation, taking time off, or even retired .. . and that you can pass on to your grandchildren as an income stream from the course sales, if you choose.

When you build a sustainable course and coaching business, instead of just re-teaching 1-1 over and over again, you create long term last value for many more clients that you can now, limited by your ability to deliver 1-1

4 Things That Happen When You Convert Your Specialized Training Currently Delivered 1-1:

  • You create a standardized experience for all students and clients
  • Your clients are able to study and implement on their own time schedule, without coordinating their learning with your 1-1 schedule
  • You can add training over time, each year adding more and more value to your contribution to your industry
  • Your income smooths out and then increases dramatically, and your lifestyle quickly follows

The Best Part is Your Lifestyle

  • When you codify your training to deliver it to more clients virtually, work with fewer clients 1-1, you deliver more total value, and ultimately get paid more,
  • Your lifestyle can quickly follow suit.
  • You can cut your hours 25% or more
  • You can choose when and where you want to work
  • You can become more selective of the clients with whom you work 1-1 (*no more nightmare clients)
  • You can take more time off, take more vacations, and live the true "Lifestyle Life"

Do you want create a line of home study courses that transform your industry?

  • Are you truly GOOD at what you do . . .
  • Deep inside you know more people should have access to your knowledge.
  • But maybe you struggle with the confidence to believe you "can do it"
  • Maybe you are afraid you can't personally create lessons and programs
  • Or maybe you already have courses but are frustrated because they aren't getting the follow-through your clients deserve.

Here's what's possible when you create a course line-up and an associated coaching program or membership:

  • Your Clients Get Better Long-Term Sustainable Training From You

  • Get paid consistently, 24-7, and while on vacation, as clients purchase and consume home study training

  • Get paid well enough to over-deliver in every course, not by changing more for your 1-1 time, but by enrolling more clients into your courses (with no additional workload on your part)

  • You Finally Are Building a Legacy

  • You finally enter the "lifestyle" income you originally sought with your lifestyle business

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